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Nourish Oil from Thai

Jasmine Infusion

Jasmine Infusion

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✨ Jasmine infusion norrising oil ✨ jasmine tea

    Mae Hong Son Jasmine Infusion

Jasmine Infusion, inspired by the green tea fields hiding in the high mountains in Mae Hong Son, is the source of a refined, relaxing fragrance from oolong tea and jasmine blossom, which reminds you of the charm of northern cities. whether it's a pleasant nature, it's a casual way of life, not rushing through time, as well as colorful tribal cultures. casual mood brings the value of Camelia seed oil jasmine tea with the value of tea seed oil from the chai Phatthana foundation to be packed in a happy product to support farmers who grow tea this tea seed oil has the properties of moisturizing repairing and antioxidant properties as well as the value of more than 90 other natural ingredients%

Net volume 100 ml.

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